What arm is eleven’s tattoo on

What does Eleven mean in Stranger things?

Jane “El” Hopper

What is Eleven’s birthday?

Millie Bobby Brown

Character’s age: Eleven was born in 1971, and Season 1 is set in November 1983, making her 12 in Season 1, and a year older at 13 in Season 2, set in October/November 1984. Season 3 is set in July 1985, which means Eleven is either 13 or 14 then.

What is eleven’s wound?

Kali spoke of a wound that the abduction by Hawkins Lab had torn inside them both, that they had to find their place in the world, before they can heal.

Is 11 Chief Hopper’s daughter?

However, one clever theory suggests Sara is actually still alive, and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is revealed as Hopper’s daughter in a clue fans missed. Viewers will remember the scene in the season one finale that saw Hopper exit the hospital and get into a black car with two men in suits.

Is Eleven the demogorgon?

Eleven and Demogorgon connection

It’s how Eleven knows all about Will and Barb’s disappearance into the Upside Down before she should. … Because of this connection to the Demogorgon, there are many who believe Eleven is somehow connected to the monster.

Who is Eleven’s real dad?

Eleven (Stranger Things)ElevenNicknamesEl The Weirdo Eleanor Shirley Temple MageGenderFemaleOccupationLab test subjectFamilyJim Hopper (adoptive father) Joyce Byers (legal guardian) Terry Ives (mother) Becky Ives (biological aunt) Andrew Rich (biological father)

Why did 11 lose her powers?

According to the events of Stranger Things season three, episode eight, The Battle of Starcourt Mall, Eleven lost her powers after she pulled part of the Mind Flayer out of her body. However, three months later, the show revealed she still did not have her powers.

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What is Eleven’s real name?

Millie Bobby BrownStranger Things

Does Hopper die?

The third season finale of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” left the ensemble of characters believing the beloved chief of police Jim Hopper had died during the effort to re-close the Gate to the Upside Down. … Now, Netflix has officially confirmed Hopper is alive and well, but being held prisoner in Russia.

Will 11 get her powers back?

While the rest of the kids—and Hopper and Joyce—distract the monsters from the Upside Down, Eleven uses her powers to save the day. … By the end of the Stranger Things Season Three finale, Eleven’s powers have still not returned.

How did 11 open the gate?

It was unintentionally opened by Eleven during an experiment in which she made contact with the Demogorgon, an inter-dimensional creature. In the year following its creation, the Mind Flayer used the Gate as a means to spread the Upside Down’s toxic biological growth, slowly invading the town of Hawkins.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown dating?

Joseph Robinson

What happened to Jim Hopper’s wife?

Sara was diagnosed with cancer and treated with chemotherapy. Eventually, Sara began to die, and Diane watched as doctors attempted to revive her daughter to no avail. After the death of her child, Diane and Jim divorced. She later married a man named Bill and had a second child with him.

Is Dr Brenner actually eleven’s dad?

The true identity of Eleven’s dad remains a mystery but the second season did hint a little further about who he actually is. There’s speculation that Dr Brenner actually slept with Terry in the test study and fathered the child that went on to become one of the lab children with kinetic powers.

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